What is the purpose of the CIM Publeaked Exposure Test for Individuals?

With the rapidly growing usage of online digital systems the size of users’ digital footprints has increased significantly. Just like the ecological footprint, the growth of our digital footprint presents dangerous exposure to the person and their surroundings.

Online reconnaissance is common practice in case of private investigations, enrollment procedures or during other pre-contractual negotiations. Therefore a preliminary self-examination of online exposure offers a great advantage to the customer.

How does the CIM Publeaked Exposure Test for Individuals work?

The software executes multiple automated scans for discovering publicly available information that can be connected to the customer. The data comes from various clearweb, darkweb and social media sources collected by a specialized automatic system. After the search is completed, the software classifies and evaluates the findings, then returns with the personalized exposure report in 24 hours.

How much does the CIM Publeaked Exposure Test for Individuals cost?

In the introductory period of the service the Publeaked Exposure Test for Individuals package is FREE of charge for the first 1000 customers.

  • 22%

What Are the Two Types of CIM Publeaked Exposure Tests?


For Individuals

  • Identity scan for name and e-mail address
  • Scan for 2 additional identifiers
  • ATO (Account Take-Over)
  • Clear web scan
  • Dark web search
  • Automated report in 24 hours

For Businesses

  • Personalized Publeaked Exposure Test for one identity
  • Semi-automatic scan
  • Personalized report in one week

How do I order the Publeaked Exposure Test?

Start the order process by filling the form below.

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